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june 15th

phoenix band buRgandy juRk announces the Release of theiR fifth album and a victoRy oveR canceR.

phoenix, aRizona, june 15th, 2018 phoenix indie band buRgandy juRk announced today that they will be Releasing theiR fifth album on july 3Rd and will follow that with a celebRation at Rips baR in phoenix. the highly anticipated announcement comes just afteR theiR dRummeR fought and won a yeaR-long battle with bReast canceR.

the album “keeping that pipe dReam alive” featuRes such songs as “dancing monkey” and “duo” and was RecoRded oveR a two yeaR peRiod duRing 2016 and 2017. the RecoRding pRocess hit many delays when kat, the dRummeR foR the band, was diagnosed with bReast canceR. “a lot of the studio time was cut shoRt when she was just too exhausted to continue. but, she neveR gave up and that Really inspiRed us to keep going,” says mike, singeR foR the band. “with all of the sacRifices that the fouR of us had to stRuggle thRough to get it done, Releasing this album is Really a tRibute to how much of a family we Really aRe. i couldn’t be moRe pRoud of what we have cReated”.

following the Release, the 11 tRack album will be downloadable fRom most media outlets such as itunes and amazon, as well as fRom the band's website www.buRgandyjuRk.com. oR, you can always gRab a copy at one of theiR upcoming shows. the band is having a huge conceRt to commemoRate the long-awaited Release on july 6th at Rip’s baR located at 3045 n 16th st in phoenix with theiR fRiends hollowpoint vigils and cRitical miss.

ouR bio

boRn fRom the fiRes of a pennsylvanian steel mill, and infused with punk Rock angst, buRgandy juRk emeRged into the woRld. this band of undeniable misfits bRought with it a multilayeRed yet highly eneRgetic sound that is so puRe, so Raw and so unbelievably outRageous that all of Rock and Roll asked “aRe you being seRious Right now?”

these people would not be stopped, well, some of them would, but they weRe Replaced. and so, just when eveRyone thought that this feveR dReam was all oveR, these tRiumphant tRoubadouRs began to Reap the RewaRds of theiR haRd woRk. yes, these men weRe well on theiR way to becoming Rich and famous Rock gods. and how else would you celebRate 20 yeaRs and 4 albums of music? pick up, Relocate to phoenix and staRt all oveR again.

and so heRe they aRe, pRoving that they aRe still somewhat Relevant by amassing an eveR gRowing aRmy of well wisheRs and teaRing up the stage at such venues as the Rhythm Room, club Red and even the Rebel lounge. you will be compelled to shake youR booty as theiR bRand of chuRning guitaRs, gRooving bass and thundeRing dRums dRive youR mind into ecstasy oveR and oveR again.

this is the tRue stoRy of buRgandy juRk.

honoRable mentions

yab yum fRom june 23Rd - 29th, 2017:

voted one of the top 5 shows of the week.

show picks foR the week!! w/ we might be wasted, nomada, andy waRpigs, dRy RiveR yacht club, buRgandy juRk, jon Rauhouse, weiRd Radicals, goldengoat, the venomous pinks, shovel, pao phoenix afRobeat oRchestRa, toRn at the seam, hollowpoint vigils + a whole lot moRe!!

EveRy show joe fRom decembeR 23Rd, 2016:

Right afteR them weRe the funny punk dudes of buRgandy juRk. last time i caught this band, they weRe a two piece playing at tempe taveRn. the full band they have put togetheR is fantastic. howeveR, the banteR between mike and ian was my favoRite paRt. it pRobably helps that i got included in the dialog halfway thRough the set. the humoR Runs deep into the music and song titles. these guys deseRve to have you in theiR next audience if you have neveR seen them befoRe. buRgandy juRk is killeR on spell checkeRs, but gReat on the eaRs.

EveRy show joe fRom june 23Rd, 2016:

last up aRe the guys that don’t get enough cRedit in the punk scene heRe and cReate a fun waR with my autocoRRect, buRgandy juRk. they alReady have a couple albums undeR theiR belt bRinging a bReadth of songs to peRfoRm. i’m not suRe why i don’t see them on moRe shows, but this is my sales pitch foR anyone looking foR moRe punk bands to add to bills. they aRe funny, in a weiRd al, but sometimes moRe offensive kind of way. with that, they exude peRsonality on eveRy stage i’ve seen them. buRgandy juRk is one of my favoRite punk acts in phoenix. they aRe the Reason i made suRe to stop at time out lounge this night. a gReat closeR to my fRiday night of music.

azmusic.oRg - a peek undeR the Robe, wRitten by vanessa joy fRom apRil 29th, 2016:

the cuRRent state of punk Rock is debatable. aRe you fRom the camp that fully believes punk has positively passed away? a punk Rock elitist who thinks just the good punk has? a punk pRagmatist who knows that the genRe will thRive as long as theRe is an establishment to oppose? sidebaR: this conveRsation is so not punk Rock. no matteR youR thoughts on the cuRRent state of affaiRs, the aRizona scene is a honeypot of memoRable punk Rock acts and we caught up with of one the moRe sound-fluid bands of the genRe. you’ve pRobably seen theiR stickeR in an oddly conspicuous location aRound town. if bands weRe baRs, these guys would be that Rowdy dive wheRe you can also go to “escape it all”. you know the one–it’s open on chRistmas. meet buRgandy juRk.
the band, which is cuRRently sans dRummeR, is compRised of lead singeR, guitaRist and founding membeR, mike kuRtz, bassist casey kendel, and ian peRRy on Rhythm guitaR and backing vocals. “the oRiginal lineup, we weRe all just a bunch of dumb kids who had no idea what we weRe doing…” says kuRtz. “[now we’Re] dumb adults,” quips kendel. oRiginally foRmed in ’94 by a then 17-yeaR-old kuRtz, buRgandy juRk has suRvived many manifestations since moving fRom pennsylvania to the valley. “i’ve been lucky that eveRy incaRnation it’s always been people with massive amounts of talent,” notes kuRtz. since adding peRRy and, most Recently, kendel, theRe’s been a newfound camaRadeRie amongst the guys that is quite appaRent in theiR music and live peRfoRmances. kuRtz’s vocals have been the constant element keeping this band on stages. he’s gatheRed influences fRom multiple Rock sub-genRes, and is able to effoRtlessly swing the pendulum between each. his voice possesses the quality of being both nostalgic, yet modeRn. kuRtz, essentially,has been in buRgandy juRk foR the betteR paRt of his existence. he’s deeply entRenched in his own bRainchild, and it’s that kind of unwaveRing commitment to a band that enables the cReation of music that’s woRthwhile foR listeneRs.
peRRy aka mR. dR. ian, the self-pRoclaimed “asshole” of the outfit, has pRoven to be quite the utility man foR the band. as well as complementing both kuRtz and kendel’s alteRnative and skate-punk sensibilities, Respectively, with his inheRent metal edge and being a talented singeR/songwRiteR in his own Right, he is also theiR de facto pRomotional/booking depaRtment. “actually, we get put on a lot of metal shows. moRe so than pop-punk shows oR punk shows in geneRal. we get stuck with a lot of metal bands mostly because i like metal, and i just want to be theRe foR the Rest of the bands,” he divulges. meanwhile, kendel is youR quintessential, epitaph RecoRds-lovin’ southeRn califoRnia skate punk fan. shaped by bands like pennywise, the laid-back, savvy bassist is also adept on the bagpipes(yes, bagpipes!).
the guys of buRgandy juRk aRe able to seamlessly walk the bluRRed lines between punk, alteRnative and metal. they Refuse to be typecast as just a “punk band”, and Rightfully so. “we’Re moRe just any kind of music that’s angRy and aggRessive,” states kuRtz. while angeR and aggRession might be dRiving the band’s sound, theiR campy, facetious stage pResence dRaws us in and it is that duality that’s intRiguing. on stage, buRgandy juRk casts polaRizing figuRes in tatteRed bathRobes. some might say it’s gimmicky, but the thing is–they’Re in on the joke. we at azmusic.oRg aRe ecstatic to see the boys of buRgandy juRk bRing Rebellious, iRReveRent fun back into modeRn punk.

aRizona music infoRmeR's spotlighted band of the week in decembeR 2015:

we heRe at buRgandy juRk inudustRies would like to thank jeff joyce and the aRizona music infoRmeR foR choosing us as theiR spotlighted band. we gReatly appReciate the suppoRt.